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Application Instructions


The following instructions are only a basic overview.
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Step 1: Clean

Prepare surfaces by cleaning with Gatorback Textured Plastic Cleaner. This unique blend of mild solvents is formulated to remove mold release agents, wax, grease, silicone, tar, and other contaminates from plastic and metal surfaces, painted or unpainted. This product does NOT contain mineral spirits! It leaves no oily film on surfaces like other cleaners containing mineral spirits.

Step 2: Mask

Mask to protect surfaces where product will not be applied.


(See banner at bottom of page for Dennis Pfeifer's masking technique.)

Step 3: Apply

You can apply Gatorback Textured Plastic Coating either by spraying or using a roller. This advanced solvent-based coating is designed to recolor textured plastic bumpers, side cladding, and trim found on many of today's cars, trucks, and SUVs. Gatorback Testured Plastic Coating is designed to stick to "problem plastics" like TPO, TEC, and PP/EPDM without sanding or pretreatment.



View Gatorback customer Dennis Pfeifer's masking technique.

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