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Frequently Asked Questions



 How much material is needed to restore an Avalanche or Escalade?
  Depending on the amount of oxidation and discoloration, two quarts will be required for an Avalanche, one quart for an Escalade, as there is somewhat less cladding. With the aerosol version of GatorBack, 4-5 cans will treat most trucks, but 8-9 cans will be needed for fully cladded models.


 What exactly do you mean by long-lasting?
  Unlike any other treatments available until now, the GatorBack coating will not wear off, weather or fade for a period of 3-6 years, depending upon exposure to sunlight. Obviously, reasonable care is required in keeping the plastic surfaces clean, and there are contaminants that will affect the appearance (exposure to acid rain, rail dust, fall-out).


 Can multiple coats of GatorBack be applied?
  Yes, and in fact, it is important to put down at least two coats of GatorBack. Generally speaking, the more coats will provide more long-lasting protection. It is critical that the initial application be totally dry before applying a second one.


 Is GatorBack customer-friendly? Does the dealership have to do the application?
  Initially, the suggestion was that individuals should not attempt to do their own application. However, so many of our customers have done their own GatorBack treatment with such success that our recommendation has changed. What it takes is a meticulous following of the application instructions and one can expect an excellent result.


 I have an '02 Avalanche. Can I go with the darker color?
  Yes, it is a matter of personal preference. Generally speaking, the lighter color used for '02 models will not look as good on '03-'05 trucks, but the darker color is very attractive on many of the '02s.


 I don't have an Escalade, but I do have a fair amount of plastic trim. Is there a smaller size I can purchase to restore my vehicle?
  Yes, the aerosol version of GatorBack is ideal for smaller amounts of plastic cladding. Please contact us with specific vehicle specifications and we will be happy to help you order the appropriate amount of coating.

Suggested Applications

Cargo Cover, Mirror, Bumpers, All Plastic
Body Side Molding, Fender Flares, Mirror, All Plastic

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