GatorBack Protective Coatings will help protect your investment by extending the high quality appearance of your vehicle or boat for many years to come.


The family of Gatorback Protective products will make
the care of your vehicle easier than can be imagined!

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R&M Car Care, Inc. has been in business for over fifteen years. The two main principals, Robert J. Saunderson and Neil R. Power have fifty years of business experience between them. They have been together since 1998 where they took a detail company on a small used car lot and grew it into a national company, supplying automotive care products around the world. R&M, with its GatorBack Coatings division has been a supplier to General Motors for the past five years.


We are proud to introduce our newest product line, GatorBack Protective Coatings. Years in development and refinement have yielded the Protective Coatings line, and includes protection for painted surfaces and fabric. These products are designed to provide long-term solutions for protection, cleaning and general care issues.


Our success has been built on a dual principle: Provide the best product available with customer service unmatched anywhere. Whether large or small, there is no single dealership or individual who won’t receive personal service, technical support, or expedited shipping if they need it to be successful. We truly understand that our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority.


We invite you to check out our web site and see how our products can make a difference in your life. Feel free to contact us for further information in any regard. Thank you for visiting GatorBackCoatings.com.


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