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"I just finally got around to restoring the cladding on my 2005 Avalanche. I actually bought the product a couple of years ago. Anyhow, I cannot get over the difference in this vehicle now. This is a ten year old vehicle, that virtually looks brand new. The product was so easy to use, quick to dry and made an unbelievable difference to this vehicle. The funny thing is, I had purchased just one can back in 2012 that I used as a test to see if the product was worth it and it covered two of the back removable panels. 3 years later, they still looked great, so we ended up doing the rest of the cladding (and gave those two panels a quick 1 coat refresh.) I am recommending this to anyone I see on the road with bad cladding."


"I am mesmerized by the change in the apperance of My Avalanche as I'm sure you will be as well. This is THE BEST product out there for your Avalanche with Cladding. I'm Sure you'll be screaming "I've Been GatorBacked" as I was!!!"

DARKWOLF... Chris Weichler

"This phrase, "Better than Brand New." Seems to be the real statement about this product. After personally seeing a demonstration of Dark Gray, and AVO Black there is NO question in my mind that Gatorback Coating is without question the finest product I have ever seen on an Avalanche."

John Boretti, Moderator
Avalanche Modifications Forum

"WOW! What a difference a day makes. I'm still amazed everyday when I see my Avalanche. I applied Gatorback Black over the light grey of my 02 Avalanche. I think this is the answer that most of us were looking for to fix our fadded cladding.


Thanks Gatorback, I love my new truck!!!"

Byron McDonald (bka- grnxnam)

"When I first heard about the GatorBack product, I must say I was a bit skeptical. After all, GM and a whole assortment of aftermarket suppliers had "recommended fixes" to the fading problems on the Avalanches. I wasn't looking for a temporary band-aid to patch a manufacturing problem. I wanted a real solution. I emailed Robert, with GatorBack, with numerous questions, and was surprised that he called me at home that evening. Robert discussed the product and the application with me extensively, and then assured me that the issue would be corrected. GatorBack and my dealer (City Chevrolet in Charlotte, NC) were a pleasure to work with. My 2002 Avalanche looks better than new because the product and the application was first class. Thank you GatorBack for stepping up to the plate and solving a huge problem for GM. I highly recommend GatorBack to anyone that has an Avalanche. I love my "new" Avalanche."

Rob Pyrock (aka. Prince_FuFu)
Chevy Avalanche Fan

"I first heard about the product through my service guy at the dealership here in Birmingham, AL. After getting the product applied, I can truly say it looks better than when the truck was bought brand new in 2003. This product is amazing! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!"

Draper Rogers

I recently coated my 2005 Chevy Avalanche with your product, AWESOME! Mine was only about 1½ years old but showed signs of fading already and your product made it look better then new.

I have told everyone about it and plan to tell everyone else I can. Thanks."

Scott Chapman

Thanks for helping GM get convinced that my truck needed gatorbacked. I had grown tired of the truck looking like a zebra on the plains of Africa and had thought of getting rid of it. Once I had the coating applied it looked like a new truck and I no longer want to get rid of it.


Thanks for providing a great product!"

Rik Lee

"WOW! what a product.... I have an 2004 Avalanche and I was sick and tired of all the maintenance required just to keep my cladding on my Avalanche looking good. I found out about GatorBack and had to check into it. I went to my Chevy dealer in Claremore Oklahoma and after a few phone calls and a few weeks to get things arranged it was about to happen. I took my truck down to the dealer on a Saturday morning and Bryan from DR Vinyl met me there. I was informed that Bryan had been to the training classes on the application process and that he was the man I needed. It was true! I got to help prep and wipe the cladding while he taped and instructed me on what was to happen here. Bryan was very meticulous about his work. Hats off to you Bryan you did a wonderful job. After a lot of taping and cleaning it was time to spray. I just sat back and watched the transformation from tiger strip and faded cladding to a new vehicle look. WOW! It was even more than I anticipated. GatorBack made my truck look better than the day I purchased it. This is a great product that definitely lives up to the hype. Thanks Robert for all your help and guidance on this permanent fix for my faded cladding. Thanks goes out to Bryan who treated my truck as if it was his own. The whole GatorBack experience from beginning to end was Awesome."

LB Loy - Claremore Oklahoma

"I first heard of Gatorback on I haven't even had gatorback on my truck for a week and every day I get more compliments about how it changed the look of my truck. I have even been asked if I bought a new truck! Gatorback made an unbelievable difference in the look of my truck. This is a product I can't believe I waited so long for."

Brian Ivey (aka bandt0913)

"I’ve been looking for something to keep my 2002 Light Gray Cladded Avalanche looking good for a long time. After the first year the cladding started to look chalky and striped. No matter the effort or the product, within weeks, sometimes days, the chalky look would return.


I first heard about Gatorback on I followed the discussion for several months before deciding to approach my dealer, Tom Benson Chevrolet in San Antonio. They were skeptical at first, but when I presented the TSB and testimonials from the Gatorback website they decided to research it. After they agreed to perform the work according to the TSB, the body shop was still uncomfortable with the procedure.


Thank goodness for Robert!! Robert called the body shop manager, explained the process, gave them some documentation, and in general helped them get the “warm fuzzy” about doing the job. I picked up my Av today, and all I can say is “I GOT GATORBACKED!!” The job was very professionally done and the cladding has never looked better! I have always planned to drive my Av until the wheels fall off, but now the truck will look better than new while I’m driving it.


Congratulations on a great product and terrific customer service. I will recommend Gatorback and Tom Benson Chevrolet to every Av owner and chalky plastic car owner I meet!!


Thanks again!"

John Ramirez "JRAM"

"I found out about Gatorback on an Avalanche forum while searching for some way to make my armor look better. This product appeared to be exactly what I needed for my 2002 Avalalanche. I decided to order the kit and do it myself. I liked the darker color armor on the newer models, so I ordered the Black. The start to finish time, even for me, a do-it-yourselfer was about 6 hours. I couldn't believe the difference! I absolutely love it and so do all my friends. I feel like I'm driving a new truck again! I've been Gatorbacked and won't go back! Thanks!"

Michael Martin - Yukon, OK

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"I also heard about GATORBACK on the Avalanche forum website. I kept reading the forum and thinking that it would be too much trouble to get Robert involved in my fading problems. So, I went to my local dealer here in Gulfport Mississippi, Turan-Foley, and they could not have been more helpful and friendly. Chuck at the body shop set everything up and within a month or two they called me to bring my truck in. Best move I have ever made… 05 Avalanche looks better than new! Thanks Gatorback!"

Scott Reid - Gulfport, MS

"I just got my Chevy Avalanche back today and I could hardly get the smile off my face for the rest of the day. It lives up to the advertisement and more. Many thanks go to Robert for helping me with convincing the dealership. This would not have happened if not for his (Robert) help. Now, I am thinking of keeping the vehicle for a long time to come, just because of how Gatorback transformed my Chevy Avalanche. When I drove over to some friends house, it was the topic of conversation and all the WOW's, incredible, just amazing statements. This is truly an amazing product. This is the first time that I have ever written a testimony because many products do not live up to the advertisement, but this does and I am proud to say this and as a absolute truth.


Now I look at my Chevy proudly again. One guy had to see the odometer to read the 105634 miles instead of being new. Thanks for the product and a big Thanks for Robert and his help."

Charles Dean - Rockingham, North Carolina

"No Canadian distributor, so I purchase the Gatorback kit directly from Neil. I have no spray painting equipment, and no autobody experience, but was assured I could apply the product myself using a foam roller. Preparation was most time consuming and took substantial effort, while application took very little time by comparison. Patience is key. After taping the truck, I applied by roller sparingly, using a foam brush to apply on the corner screens and small crevices. Though Neil informed me Gatorback would not streak, I was intially alarmed by some surface bubbling and roller marks while applying the product. But the product self-leveled and dried to a beautiful finish with no signs of lap marks or bubbles. Applied second coat like the first. A truly professional appearance for someone of average DIY ability, at a fraction of the cost. Our 2004 Avalanche looks like new. A great product."

Luc Lavigne

"After first learning about Gatorback in 2005, I knew that I wanted and needed it on my Avalanche. My truck was well out of warranty and I was receiving no help form local dealerships to remedy my faded cladding. After the Gatorback Black was released I had it applied in an unusual fashion to my 2002 Avalanche in April of 2006. I was very impressed with the application and the result of the product. Since the application I have had numerous comments on the Gatorback and have won a number of awards at local and regional car shows. The Gatorback is still holding up great after well over a year on the truck! Thanks Gatorback!"

Scott Gattis - Fairview, TN


"After using 'back to black' and many other products on my fading cladding, i was very suspect of something with a name like Gatorback. I called the company, talked with a tech, and decided to approach a local car dealer to see if they could do the paint job on the cladding. I went to Joe Holland Chevy dealer, who had not done any applications before and did not really want to do the job. I talked a little and lined up a few other Avalanche owners, and finally they said Ok, bring it in. They were very nice and eager to do the work. they ordered the Gatorback, and set an appointment. I have a 2005 Avalanche with the dark grey cladding (that was almost white now) and told them i wanted it painted black, not dark grey. Allie, from the body shop called and said...........Paul, it's ready and are you going to be pleasantly surprised. I went straight to the shop and could not believe my eyes. My truck looked like it just came off the showroom floor, deep dark black cladding. Gatorback.............thank you for such a great product that us Avalanche owners have needed for a long time. I guess it could be used on any vehicles cladding??"

PAUL - Charleston, WV

"I bought a new 2004 Avalanche and I absolutely love the truck. After about six months I noticed the bed cover beginning to fade, I tried everything I knew to correct the problem, all the parts stores recommended armorall... it lasted till the first heavy dew and one rain it was gone.... then a parts dealer recommended black magic, and this would only last about three good rains and then it was gone, not to mention the oily residue that I would always have to scrub off the side of my truck after every rain. Please don't misunderstand... both armoral and blackmagic are great products, but they did not resolve the problem of oxidation and fading on my Avalanche. I searched and searched and could never find a solution... I was practically working myself to death just trying to keep the truck looking decent... and not only did the bedcover panels oxidize and turn white, but also the top cladding too. I was to the point that I was ready to trade it in... After much research on the internet, I knew there had to be some solution, so I once again researched and researched until I came across two Great Sites: and This is where I learned about Gator Back Coating... If anyone reading this is having a problem with oxidation and faded cladding on their Avalanche.....Let me tell you THIS STUFF WORKS and I certainly would not say this if it were not true. I contacted Robert at Gator Back Coatings and he was very helpful, I ordered the Avalanche Kit and took it to my Chevy Dealer and had it applied, they were as amazed and astonished as I was at the difference it made. It looks totally brand new, actually better than it did when I purchased the truck. I will be the first to admit, I am very skeptical when it comes to testimonials... but let me tell you......I"VE BEEN GATORBACKED...and love it. Hope this may help anyone who is having this problem."

M. Johnson - Greensboro, Alabama

"Neil, Thanks so much for all of your help with all my questions. She's back to black & just beautiful!!! She's happy with her new summer black outfit & cuter than the day we met. LOL. I could only get 2 coats out of the cans I had, so I do see a few splotchy areas, yet no one else notices. When I get my next paycheck I will buy a few more cans, to touch up splotches & have a back up. It was time consuming to drape & tape, but so "fun" & well worth it!!! Thanks again!!"

Marilyn Straitwell


"Neil - Thanks for your help with all my questions. This is my Son's 2001 Jeep Cherokee. His Grandmother gave this Jeep to him for receiving his Eagle Scout. I forgot to take the before pictures. The bumpers and molding were faded really bad. We worked most of Friday night preparing and started first thing Saturday morning. I took your advice about the prep. Not only did we clean it Friday night but also Saturday morning. We used the spray cans and it turned out great. In fact a neighbor came over wondering what we were doing. The first thing he said was you put new bumpers and molding on. I explained the process to him and he mentioned he was going to order the product. We couldn't be happier. I have enclosed some pictures. Thanks again and we have been GATORBACKED!!!"

Gary L. Cronister

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